New release: Python client updated to v0.2.0 sync_sulab

We have just released a new version of Python client. It is now on v0.2.0, and we encourage all of our users to upgrade to this new version. The upgrade is as easy as one line of command:

pip install myvariant -U

To verify you have the latest version installed:

In [1]: import myvariant

In [2]: myvariant.__version__
Out[2]: '0.2.0'

What's new and changed:

  • new get_fields method to search for matching field names.

    Wonder which fields provide sift score of a given variant? Using mv.get_fields('sift') will give you the answer. This is essentially the same you can do from the "available fields" table of our documentation, but from the Python client directly.

  • Added a new fetch_all parameter for query method to retrieve large query. This feature enables users to stream all matching hits from a large query as a Python generator. A separate post will be out soon to provide more details of this feature.

  • getvariant method now returns None if the input vid does not match a known variant. Previously it raises an exception.

  • Proper requests.exceptions.HTTPError will be raised when the request to the underlying web service fails for some reason. This allows Python code to capture it and do proper error-handling.

As always, you can find more info about our Python client here: