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  • Which human reference genomes are supported by MyVariant.info?

    By default, MyVariant.info supports hg19-based HGVS ids as the “_id” field for each variant object. However, each variants can have both GRCh37/hg19 and GRCh38/hg38 based genomic locations as attributes. These attributes can then be used for users to query variants on either hg19 or hg38 genomic regions. For example, this query http://myvariant.info/v1/query?q=chr1:69000-70000 returns variants on hg19-based region, while this query http://myvariant.info/v1/query?q=chr1:69000-70000&hg38=true returns variants on hg38-based region.

    As increasing annotation data sources support GRCh38/hg38, we are also in the process of making hg38 as the default reference genome. By the time we finish the migration, all variant ids will be based on hg38 and the interval queries will be based on hg38 by default as well.

  • Can I get XML output instead of JSON output?

    We currently do not provide XML output format. There exist many ready-to-use third-party libraries/packages to convert JSON format to XML format, e.g. Python packages dicttoxml and json2xml. They will be essentially the same packages we would use if decide to provide XML output format. For this reason and also for reducing the development complexity, we decided not to provide XML format.

  • How to cite MyVariant.info?

    see our citation page.

  • How can you reach us?